Snow Removal

Snowplowing and deicing in the city of Liberty Lake occurs on a prioritized basis that helps ensure critical roadways remain open to traffic.  Read about the snowplowing services listed below.


Snow removal and de-ice routes map for 2022-23

Click here for enlarged version of map.

For immediate snow updates, sign up for "NOTIFY ME" alerts on the city website by clicking here.  Updates will go out on e-mail and text message as zones are plowed. 

Click here for information about snow removal assistance available from the Liberty Lake Snow Angels citizens group. 



Cul de sacs generate many comments. If the cul de sac was designed to accommodate snow storage in the cul de sac or if there is a vacant lot in the cul de sac, the operator will use this area to plow the snow from the cul de sac. If no such storage is available, the operator will plow the snow into the center of the cul de sac. Street crews will pick up the accumulated snow if the tempo of winter storms allow. 


Snowplows need to go a minimum speed in order to roll snow to the sides of the streets. We ask our equipment operators not to push the snow any further than necessary. In some cases, however, the sidewalks are too close to the curb to avoid getting snow on them. It is still the duty of the homeowner or tenant of adjoining sidewalks to remove snow and ice from such sidewalks in a reasonable timely manner. 


A frequently asked question is "When will you plow my street?"  We will plow as soon as possible, but remember that major streets are first priority. City operators are very experienced, and know how to best accomplish this task. They are a dedicated group that works non-stop during storms to clear streets. Please also understand that residential streets are last priority, after the city's main arterials.  Also, many times there are "storms within a storm" that require repeat plowing of arterials before residential streets can be plowed. 


Collectors and arterials are plowed when 2 inches of snow have accumulated.  Residential streets are plowed when 4 inches have accumulated. 


Meet your friendly snow plow crew...


Snow Angels graphic

The Liberty Lake Snow Angels is comprised of volunteer residents who, when called upon, assist the elderly and disabled members of the community during show events.

The procedure for connecting a resident in need to a Snow Angel is as follows:

  1. A resident reaches out to inform a city staff member that the individual is in need of assistance with snow removal.
  2. The staff member will collect contact and location information from the resident.
  3. A request for help will be sent out to the volunteers on the Snow Angels list as well as the "Liberty Lake Together" Facebook site.
  4. When the request is fulfilled, the Facebook post will be updated.