Seasonal Help By Volunteers

The city of Liberty helps facilitate requests by citizens who are handicapped, disabled, elderly or injured who are in need of seasonal help for activities such as snow shoveling, raking leaves, mowing or weeding.  This help is provided by volunteer citizens.  

These volunteers will provide their own tools or other supplies to assist residents who are in need of outdoor assistance at their homes (unless the resident chooses to provide the tools). 

Requests for this assistance are handled during regular business hours at City Hall during Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Help could be provided at different times and days than the actual request, based on the schedules of volunteer and the requestor.  

To request assistance:,
• Contact us with a personal message via the Facebook Messenger feature on the city's Facebook site.  

• Or you can call Jen Camp at City Hall during Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 509-755-6714.  You may have to leave a voicemail but you will receive a call or email usually within the next working day. 

You will be notified when we receive a request from a citizen for help. 

Our volunteer help is just that: volunteer. City Hall staff members merely facilitate your request to notify volunteers who make themselves available solely from the satisfaction that comes from being able to assist others. 

Snow Angels graphic

The Liberty Lake Snow Angels is a group of volunteer residents who, when called upon, assist the elderly and disabled members of the community during snow events.

The procedure for connecting a resident in need to a Snow Angel is as follows:

  1. A resident reaches out to inform a city staff member the need for assistance with snow removal.  (See the information under "To request assistance" on this page.)
  2. The staff member will collect contact and location information from the resident.
  3. A request for help will be sent out to the volunteers on the Snow Angels list as well as the "Liberty Lake Together" Facebook site.
  4. When the request is fulfilled, the Facebook post will be updated.

Want to BE a member of the Snow Angels group of volunteers?  Just contact Jen Camp at 509-755-6714 or by e-mail or contact David Goehner by e-mail.