Code Compliance


Liberty Lake's Code Compliance staff ensures the land use regulations within the city are adhered to, generally through a complaint-generated system. If a violation has occurred, attempts are made to resolve it first through voluntary compliance or negotiation.

Residential Street in Fall

Quality of Life

Liberty Lake's local natural beauty, golf courses, trail system, high standards of city services, and sensible growth planning all contribute to Liberty Lake's quality of life.

The aspects of Liberty Lake that residents, businesses, and visitors enjoy are maintained by establishing and enforcing development codes, building codes, and municipal codes. Minimum standards set forth in the codes strive to balance the rights of the individual with the needs and rights of other citizens.

Reporting a Violation

Non-emergency complaints must be submitted in writing via a code violation investigation request form or through Citizens Connect. In emergency situations involving activities which must be stopped immediately to prevent irreparable harm, please contact City Hall at 509-755-6700 during business hours, or contact the Liberty Lake Police Department at 509-218-4899.

Animal Control

For animal control issues, please contact the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) at 509-477-2532