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Library Meeting Room Rules & Application

  1. Library Meeting Room Application & Agreement
    Please read through the Meeting Room Use Policy before filling out an application. The primary use of the Library Meeting Room is for library and City business. All meetings held in the room must be free. Permission to use Library meeting room will be denied to any organization and/or meeting that is primarily social (i.e. birthday, anniversary and other parties, receptions & banquets) or commercial (i.e. engaging in commercial activities (buying or selling), the direct promotion of commercial services as part of the meeting for monetary gain, or informational meetings representing the product or services of one (1) company).
  2. This meeting is free.*
  3. I have read and agree to the Meeting Room Use Policy.*
  4. NOTE: Maximum capacity is 39. Applicant is responsible to insure this maximum is not exceeded.
  5. Equipment Needed
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