Odin Langford

City Council
Title: Council Member (Position 4)
Phone: 509-964-1163
Odin 2008 Picture

Term: January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2021

INTRO- Born in Fort Worth, Texas and later moving to New Orleans, Louisiana, Odin never fully bought into the local cuisine where people were eating what Texans used for fish bait, i.e.: crabs, shrimp, frog legs and crayfish (pronounced – craw fish). Just for clarification, crayfish aren’t fish at all. No ONE ever sucks the head of a real fish! Obviously these people in Louisiana needed intervention and protection.

VOCATION-Fast forward, after 25 years of service, Odin retired as a police Captain.

EDUCATION – Master of Criminal Justice Degree from Boston University
Earned Certification in Advanced Municipal Leadership from the Association of Washington Cities

SOCIAL SERVICE – Odin has held the Office of City Councilman for District 4 in Liberty Lake since 2007, including being elected as the Mayor Pro Tem by his fellow Council Members.

Odin sits on the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) Board of Directors, representing the City of Liberty Lake, and the regions interest in Convenient, Safe & Affordable Public Transportation.

As part of his Council duties, Odin has either served on or currently serves on two of the three council sub-committees: Public Safety, Finance or Community Development.

Odin has served as a Washington State Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and a Washington State Senior Ombudsman advocating for all age groups who depended on this service for maintaining their safety, dignity and well being during a time of need.

SERVICE ACHIEVEMENTS- As one of seven council members, it would be disingenuous and completely self-serving, for me to claim any personal achievement. A quorum (a total of 4 members) is needed to ratify any Councilman’s proposition. This system, when viewed in an honest and forthright light, serves to prohibit and negate any banner of individual achievement.

The actual achievement is service within the number of counselors where concurrence leads to a higher probability of making the “best” decision for all Liberty Lake residents. ALWAYS vocal, defending the spending of public money for needs first; savings second, and “would likes” a voter participated third.

Prior to becoming a City Councilman, Odin served the community of Liberty Lake as a board member of the “Friends of the Library”.

Thank you for allowing me to serve your interests.

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