Phil Folyer

City Council
Title: Council Member (Position 1)
Phil Folyer

Term: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2023

My name is Phil Folyer and I serve in council position #1. My goal is to bring solid leadership and experience to the city council. As the city grows, future discussions will revolve around capital improvements and best use of funding. As a small business owner with a construction background, I believe my experience will bring new perspective to the council which will benefit residents and businesses within the city. I understand the importance of sound budgeting and smart investments. I believe our leaders should be honest, open minded, have integrity and be accountable. I have owned my own business for 15 years. All my adult life I have been involved in other types of leadership roles other than my business. I have been on liberty Lake’s planning Commission for 2 years with my 2nd year as chairman. 21 years with Army National Guard, 1st Sergeant E-8 retired. 2-time president of the Spokane Home Builders Association and Building Industry Association of Washington builder director for 6 years. My biggest accomplishment regarding community service is the year I built and sold a home with all proceeds going to the Children’s Miracle Network. After retiring from military service and representing the home building industry for 8 years, I decided it was time to get involved at the local level and be a part of the equation a bit closer to home. I have lived in Liberty Lake for 20 years. I am happily married with 5 grown kids and 5 grandkids. I enjoy boating in the summer and a mid-winter visit to a much warmer climate for a week. I am committed to my responsibilities as a council member, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments or suggestions for the betterment of the city. Thank you!


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