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Posted on: December 30, 2020





Office of the Mayor

 Citizens of Liberty Lake,

I had full intention of doing a video and reading this but as most of you know if I care about something enough (such as a topic like this) the tears will fly and, well let’s face it I am an ugly crier. As I reflect on 2020, I think of all the challenges we as a community have gone through from citizens to business owners alike this year. We got through this year together with citizens stepping up to support local businesses, local businesses stepping up to help those in our community in need, and city staff and council working tirelessly to help us all get through the year.  What makes this community so successful??  Not one person, but everyone working together to make sure this community thrives. As I reflect on 2020 it reminds me, and I hope all of you, that family and friends are more important than ever. No hate, no bias, but rather support and caring people.  This is the key thing that came to the forefront of my mind as we faced a huge challenge like covid together.


As most of you know I have worked for this community for 16 years.  People would tell me all the time that I was burning both sides of the candle and some day it would catch up to me.  I never expected it to catch up to me the way that it has. You see, recently I had a health issue with my heart. As I sat at the kitchen table, I had a health issue that caused me to re-access my entire life. I sat, looking at my daughters and grandson thinking to myself, “Is this really it. Is this the end?”   Since then I have had 3 more episodes that my provider said I can no longer ignore. I don’t know the word “quit” or “give up.” It would be easy to say I need to just slow down and not work as much as I have but I don’t know any other way. As I reflect on my life, I think about missing my grandson growing up or walking my girls down the aisle which I need to be around for. There are two things in life that were very difficult for me to stop doing. One of those was stopping police work, and the other is this.


It breaks my heart to tell you all this, as I absolutely love this community and all the amazing people in Liberty Lake, but I must step down from being Mayor of this beautiful community. Some of you that know me well, know how difficult this really is for me, but I have missed so much in my family’s life and it is now time for me to be present. To choose live and be present in my family’s life every chance I can get. To watch my grandson, grow up and be able to walk my girls down the aisle.  I know some will understand and some may be upset with me which I understand. My hope is that you respect my decision. My other hope is that we continue to support each other and show those around us what Liberty Lake Together really means. I will continue to be involved, just on a different level.


I love you all and thank you for the years of support. Thank you.


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