Pre-Teen ages 10-12

Best Books for Reluctant Readers


50 Best Books for 11 & 12 Yr Olds


50 Books to Read Before Age 12


The best books for 9 – 12 year-olds


Summer Reading

Read. Make art. Have fun. Win prizes.
Scratch for prizes!
Ocean theme. Pick up supplies June 21-July 5. Turn in artwork by August 2.
Ocean animal painting, June 30. Jellyfish in a bottle, July 27. Ocean slim, August 17.
For teens and tweens. July 12 and August 9, 4pm. Registration opens June 27 and July 26.
All ages, all day. June 25-August 27.
For teens and tweens. July 29, 6-7pm. Registration opens July 14.
For teens and tweens. August 19, 4-6pm. Registration opens August 4.