Summer Reading  2023:  Pick up a Reading log  & Calendar of Events for children ages 0-12 Starting tuesday, June 20th, at the Library!

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About Summer Reading 

Our Theme for Summer Reading 2023 is "All Together Now," which is a community, friendship and kindness theme!!!  This year we will be doing paper reading logs and prizes! Children ages 0-12 can come get their reading log at the Liberty Lake Library, starting on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023 at 10 am. Children ages (0-5) read for 20 minute increments and children ages (6-12) read for 30 minute increments.   It also counts if parents read to children, or if children listen and follow along, while listening to a book with a cd.  Mark off circles on your reading log until you reach a level that says "prize," then come to the library with your reading log to pick up your prize!  If you are unable to sign-up for Summer Reading 2023 for Children, in person, please email Miss Erin at and let me know the child's age, so that I email you a summer reading log on or after Tuesday June 20th, and you can pick up prizes anytime during library hours until Thursday, August 31, 2023!

Reading Goal 

Track minutes read on your paper Summer Reading Log!  Children ages(0-5) read a total of 7 hours, and Children ages (6-12) read a total of 15 hours over the summer to complete their Summer Reading Log.  If you complete multiple reading logs, you will get to add a raffle ticket for each level you complete on subsequent reading logs, which will go in a raffle for our Grand Prize Drawing, which we will do at the end of the summer.  If you have questions please contact the Liberty Lake Library at (509)232-2510 or email Erin at

Grand Prize Drawing: Ages 0-5

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Grand Prize Drawing: Ages 6-12

Grand Prizes Ages 6-12

Calendar of Events

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