Community Resources

COVID-19 Resources: Community Resources and Assistance

Last updated 7/29/2020


Food Assistance

Mortgage and Housing Assistance

Benefits and Support Services

Medical (not a complete list of all local resources)

Mental and Behavioral Health

Virtual Mental Health (not a complete list of all local resources)

Identity Theft/Fraud Resources

Steps you can take if you believe you are a victim of fraud:

  • Visit these FTC links to learn how to avoid fraud and credit freeze FAQs:

General Anxiety

Crisis Hotlines

  • 24 Hour Regional Crisis Line (operated by Frontier Health): 1-877-266-1818 - The priority of this 24/7 crisis line is to provide services for and on behalf of individuals whose health or safety is in danger because of a mental health or substance use condition. 
  • 24-Hour Crisis Line 800-584-3578 or chat with them online.

Family Resources

Talking to Children



U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs COVID-19 Assistance