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Please, don’t be a victim of SCAMS

Scams are happening by phone, internet and mail.

There are lottery scams, IRS/ Government scams, Data Breach/ Bank scams, Jury Duty scams, Debt collection scams, Grandparent scams, Tech support scams, and many more. The most common theme in all of these scams are:

High pressure for payment

Payment has to be made right away, they want money now!

Request personal information

Most times, the scammers do not know anything about you, you are just someone who by chance answered the phone. During your conversation, they will gradually ask you for information other than your name such as address, SS# , credit card info, passwords and more.

Threats of arrest

Threats of immediate arrest if payment is not made at that time.

No face to face interaction

Payment over the phone.

Constant contact

They want you to stay on the phone while you go to buy an iTunes card, Green dot card , get a money order or some other form of payment or gift card, then they will ask you to reveal the number on the back of the card and give it to them. They don’t want to lose the contact so as to not give you a moment to think about what is happening.

Make sure to take a moment to stop and think before you act. Scammers want to keep you confused and in fear. Look for these themes in your interaction with the scammer and never call a number that they give you. Instead, hang up and call the company that they say they are calling you from using the Yellow Pages.

Contact the Crime Prevention Unit for more information.