Online Permits

You must first sign into your account before you can apply. See the upper right hand link below. Once signed in, scroll down to the "Apply for Permits" section and click on "Click to apply on-line".  At present, Online Permits can only be applied for if they are one of the following: RESIDENTIAL Mechanical, RESIDENTIAL Plumbing, RESIDENTIAL Re-roof,  RESIDENTIAL Solar Panels, COMMERCIAL Mechanical, or COMMERCIAL PLUMBING.  As part of the application you will be paying online. Once reviewed, we will send you your permit via email within 48 hours (or 5 days for COMMERCIAL). 

For Solar Permits and COMMERCIAL permits, you will be required to upload documents as noted in the application process. These can be uploaded here. Scroll to the "Upload Portal" below. Click on "Upload New Item" and follow the prompts.